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The Cognitive Edge

Processus Group Inc. empowers leaders and teams by combining knowledge with data to create Situational Understanding (SU). SU, an elusive military objective, can be solved now for any enterprise. We enable you to query across your enterprise to make better decisions and take more effective actions.






SEMANTIC DATA MODELS (SDMs) - Processus Group develops SDMs that help people and AI systems make better decisions on which actions to take to meet organizational goals. They define the semantic (machine-readable) definition, provenance, and the relationship of the data to core operational processes to reduce the cognitive burden of systems and warfighter; an SDM that can be integrated into the software development framework.

COGNITIVE ARCHITECTURES (CAs) - Processus Group develops CAs that lay the foundation for your AI systems. They define the Data, Information, Knowledge, Understanding, and Intelligence (DIKUI) resources required for cognitive problem solving within a domain and multidomain operations. This process expedites the decisions making process by relating how DIKUI is shared.

KNOWLEDGE GRAPHS (KGs) - Processus Group develops KGs that describe all of the complex relationships within your enterprise in an easy-to-understand way that is both human-readable and machine-readable for your AI systems. They enable humans and AI systems to quickly forecast impacts to your enterprise as they provide sufficient detail on how the operations are executed, how the operations are supported by each mission element (function, task, system, and role), and how the elements interact with (depend, create, change, and access) the distributed data required to make an operational decision.

The MIND Process





MERGE - In this phase, Processus Group merges content from multiple sources throughout your enterprise by creating a mastermind group. The mastermind group is comprised of key personnel from your organization working alongside the Processus Group knowledge engineering team. Knowledge is merged and synthesized into the creation of a KG.

MIND stands for Mission-oriented Intelligence Nexus for enhanced Decision-making, and it is the process developed by Processus Group that produces SDMs, CAs, and KGs their MIND described below. A more detailed description of The MIND Process can be found on our Content Page.

INNOVATE - In this phase, Processus Group develops the corresponding CA and SDM to go with the KG. All three products combine to create a clear map of the cause-and-effect relationships across the various components of your enterprise including the data. With the CA, SDM, and KG, Processus Group works with your team to identify executable actions for the shaping of data to enable the use of intelligent systems.

NAVIGATE - In this phase, Processus Group develops functionality to enable your team to navigate and manipulate the CA, SDM, and KG organically without the need for third-party assistance. 

DECIDE - In the fourth and final phase, Processus Group works with your team to integrate the new capabilities into decision forums throughout your enterprise to increase the level of situational understanding of the groups and enhance the quality, speed the tempo, and optimize strategy selection for organizational objectives.


Processus Group Inc. is a disabled veteran-owned small business specializing in Army acquisitions, cyber electromagnetic activities (CEMA), C5ISR, electronic warfare, and fires. Comprised of former military and Government civilians, we believe in breaking the boundaries in acquisitions that lead to fielded stove-piped systems. We are committed to solving complex problems through the application of our Mission Engineering process.

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